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Spotify Year in Music

Spotify Year in Music

I love the "Year in Music" idea - combining geeky stats and music is win-win!

However, when I load my personalised year in music view, my top playlists, artists and songs doesn't load 😞

Anyone else experiencing this?


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My stats are showing up, but I can't share it on Facebook. The link it gives is invalid.
Favorite bands: Keane, Two Door Cinema Club, Muse, Needtobreathe

Hello this is kind of a workaround until the URL linking gets fixed. When you load your year in music in the browser you will notice where it says in the upper right hand corner SHARE YOUR YEAR IN MUSIC click it. You will now see an image with all your listening information in it from the web page source, right click this image and choose View Image from the browser context menu, it will open either in a new tab or browser window depending on however you have your browser set, and now the correct linking from this image should work by embedding this image into your social feeds now. You can also choose to save this image and then upload this to your social feeds if you wish.


Edited to show how my year in music image looks to you.

Year In Music 2014


Do you happen to know why I would be getting a broken picture icon when trying to load that?



Screenshot on 2014-12-22 at 12-57-49.png

I've got the same problem! And the workaround doesn't mention with the broken image, either--it just redirects back to the year in music page. Sad! 😧

I get a page that says:


"Perhaps your 2014 has been a little quieter than most. Or, if you’ve listened to a lot of music on Spotify this year, and you think you’ve reached this message in error, check back shortly. Sometimes our records skip. In the meantime check out some cool playlists."



I've checked back a few times, always the same error. I have listened to ~10k tracks on spotify this year so I don't think the number of tracks is an issue. 

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