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Spotify adds not playing

Spotify adds not playing

Hi guyz :))


 I´ve recently encountered problem with spotify adds. Sometimes, when they should play and annoy me for a bit, they seem to be stuck somehow (like they are not being played at all). 

 Well I would be complaining about not hearing them, but problem is, I can´t go to next song before the add plays. And it does not, so I end up stuck watching grey progress bar ://


 I cannot believe I´m saying this, but could you please fix this, so I can listen to adds (and do not have to reset playlist every fifteen minutes or so) ? :)) TY

(Windows 7, HP Probook 6570b)

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Sorry but you are wasting your time, all we have mentioned problems in the past and we insisted. They just DON'T give at least one look to our problems, they doesn't fix anything and if they do it something else will broke. The web player is TOTALLY failure and Spotify with devs they don't accept the reality. I really don't know what their next move will be... i am guessing the next move will be no free Spotify but a 30 seconds preview of songs and make you pay to listen them fully. I hope that this will not happen.

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