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Spotify & Running Watches with Music options

Spotify & Running Watches with Music options

i have a dedicated sports watch (tomtom adventurer) which I purchased that has dedicated bluetooth headphones to play music whilst I sportswatch can fit 500 songs on it...the only option i have to get music on to my sportswatch is purchase it via itunes, make playlists in itunes and then download to my computer, connect my watch to my computer and then manually add the music to it...


spotify premium is the only music streaming service i use and dont want to have to use another or purchase more music...spotify quite rightfully protects artists using copyright law and encryption for offline music playing so that I cannot download music files and distribute them unlawfully...


My idea: Can Spotify have an option to download direct from spotify to "my sportwatch" an encrypted mp3 file therefore still protecting the artist and allowing me to be even happier with my spotify premium and running watch.


the file types that my watch can play are: 


Sample rate: 16KHz to 48KHz
Bit rate: 8 kbps to 320 kbps
Mono/stereo channels and joint stereo.


MPEG2 and MPEG4 AAC-LC and HE-AACv2 are supported.
Sample rate: up to 48KHz
Bit rate: up to 320 kbps
Mono/stereo/dual mono are supported.


The watch does not support files with DRM.

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Also interested in this. From what I understand this is a hard no. I'm not extremely familiar with the laws of spotify but my thought was that if you could connect the watch to your phone and select one playlist that would be encrypted, like you stated, you could simply make it available off line, on the watch. 

Check out Underwater Audio. They have a watch sized (no strap) MP3 player that can run spotify, and therefore make playlist available off line.. 



I fully support this idea. As a runner I would like to select offline content to listen to during my runs. No problem if that stuff gets automatically disabled after a certain period, such as a month or so. But it is really silly to have to buy all the content for these watches through iTunes... Spotify, if you make this possible, you'll land a lot more customers: all these runners, bikers and work-out fanatics that don't want to run/bike/work around with a smartphone on their bodies - that's a lot of people!

I'm in the same boat as you. Bought a Tom Tom runner 3 as I wanted everything in one place. However who uses Windows media???!!! It seems like too easy an idea and Tom Tom would have a customer for life. 

Garmin are by far the best watches but will never have anything like an integrrain MP3 as they're purists, which is fine. 

Hopefully our simple idea will happen and our libes complete. 


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