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Spotify and Google Home Mini in South Africa

Spotify and Google Home Mini in South Africa




South Africa


(iPhone 6

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Quick and easy: Is Spotify (Free or Premium) supported on the Goofle Home Mini in South Africa? I've registered a free Spotify account, my Google Home Mini has been up and running for some months,but I am unable to find a way to add Spotify as a service to Google Home. I am able to cast from Spotify on my PC or phone to my Google Mini, as I can with Deezer, but I'm looking for full integration that will allow me to operate Spotify from the Google Home device.

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Hi @ErikAndersen,

welcome to the community !


From what i know, Google home works just fine in South Africa and as Spotify does as well you shouldn't experience any issues running the two together.


Please try following the steps on this help page to see if it does the trick.


Waiting to see how you did 🙂

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