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Spotify and Sonos Have a BAD Relationship!

Spotify and Sonos Have a BAD Relationship!

Hi there,


I am so disenchanted with Spotify and Sonos at the moment. I specifically bought my Sonos system so that I would be able to stream Spotify. It has never worked for more than 10 seconds. I get constant drop outs of the service "Sonos lost connection to Spotify". I am directly connected via ethernet cable to my modem, which manages every other task beautifulyy. I have power cycled and reset the modem and the Sonos system - to no avail. I can play tunes out of my iTunes folders, but no joy, not ever with Spotify.


Spotify shuffles the responsibility to Sonos, Sonos shuffles the responsibility to Spotify


To make matters worse, I am even getting Spotify drop outs on my main computer now.


Arrgghhh ... a service I was loving, I am now so not.


Please FIX!



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