Spotify and Sonos: apps and devices

Spotify and Sonos: apps and devices

Spotify and Sonos: in my case the app on iPhone 7 is not displaying the sonos devices. But the app on iPad Pro first generation does (older device, same network obviously).

something more to check apart the solutions proposed on similar topic?

please note that Sonos app is working as expected, but I fear that some interactions are linked/linkable

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I usually restart the spotify app. Then the spotify connect-utility looks for available online devices on your network. This works for my Denon stereo that uses spotify connect which I believe is also the case with Sonos. I have successfully connected with my friend's Sonos on different occasions.

Just a thought that maybe you need to have the SONOS app running as well?  

Unfortunately is not working. It is very strange that the two app opened in parallel or separately are showing anyhow a different list of devices (again only on the iPhone)

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