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Spotify and Sonos - integration needs work

Spotify and Sonos - integration needs work

I've been using Spotify for around 3 years, and sonos for a little under 1. Such a great combination..


I notice Spotify have now changed their desktop UI so that rather than making it easy to add an album to a playlist, the simple op is now to "save" the album. I guess they're making album's first class entities.. kinda makes sense... but...

.. the sonos client can't see these saved albums, only playlists.


I tend to browse spotify's "discover" and then go through adding anything I like to playlists, which I can then easily play in sonos.

This just got a lot harder.


I'm actually considering trying the same activity in google play music instead -- anyone have thoughts on comparing the two services for example
- ease of browsing
- broadness of catalogue
- quality (bitrate, codec) for streaming >> spotify is excellent!
- capability (radio etc)

- mobile support (I use all the time with spotify)


Are there any plans to improve the sonos support for spotify? I gather one of the issues has been lack of an open API. But the integration is now starting to lack with this latest change, lack of radio etc. 


I'm not interested in whether the issue is with spotify or sonos, I'm just looking for the best end user experience...... 

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I got the same issues. I love Spotify and i love Sonos. But together they aren't that good.


How awesome it would be to play music on sonos directly out of your really great spotify app!


I am actually testing google play, cause they support this feature. But i don't wanna change, so PLEASE improve your compability to sonos!


Thanks and greets,


Apologies if I'm a bit late in the day or this has been solved - I can't find the solution.


I have Sonos and Spotify Premium. I have Sonos playlists and want to copy them (or have them appear) in Spotify. Is this possible?


Any help greatly appreciated.




as far as I know it is not possible to migrate a Sonos playlist to Spotify.

From what services did You create the playlist in Sonos?




Thanks for the reply.


90% of my playlist is from Spotify, some Soundcloud, some google.


Seems odd that I'd have to recreate a playlist in Spotify - kind of defeats the purpose of them being integrated I'd have thought?




let me understand better.

On Sonos You have created playlist mixed with content from Spotify, Soundcloud and Google.

Now You want to migrate these playlists from Sonos to Spotify.

It means that Soundcloud and Google tracks should be identified into Spotify tracks and added to a Spotify playlist?


Only Sonos software or third party software using Sonos API could do something like this, but I am not aware of something like this.


There also a chance that Soundcloud tracks could not be identified as known tracks in Spotify.


By now I think the purpose of Sonos is to give You power to create mixed playlist to use them exlusively and only in Sonos eco system.





Yes, you understood correctly.


I presumed I would lose the soundcloud and google tracks if the playlist appeared in spotify and that would have been acceptable.


Am beginning to realise this:


"By now I think the purpose of Sonos is to give You power to create mixed playlist to use them exclusively and only in Sonos eco system"


however given that you cannot stream Sonos on the go and you can with Spotify it would make sense (to me anyway) to enable the Sonos playlist - albeit only those tracks sourced from Spotify - to be able to be played within Spotify whilst on the move. We put a man on the moon 40 years ago so how difficult can that be?


I presume therefore that within Sonos I'd be better creating a Spotify playlist which would show in Spotify, if I understand how this works now?


Thanks for your help - much appreciated.



I've just cancelled my Spotify membership due to the lack of Sonos integration. I also have google play and if I find a track I want to play I can just cast it to the Sonos app. 2 seconds. Not being able to do this from the Spotify app is a show stopper. The Spotify app is much better than the Sonos app for navigating Spotify content..obviously so. Why Spotify haven't allowed users to cast to a Sonos system directly is beyond me. Good bye Spotify!

Issue of Spotify integration with Sonos should have been adressed a while ago. I just experienced Deezer with Sonos. The integration is much better. It is possible to access Spotify's albums and artists. Sad because this could have easily been solved by Spotify.

@bendem Can you play to Sonos directly from the Deezer app?

You cannot play Sonos directly from the Deezer app. But from the sonos app you can search music, add an album to your Deezer library, which is not possible with Spotify. Also, you can acces your Deezer music by artists and albums, which is not feasible with Spotift. I basically don't need to go to the Deezer app, as everything can be done from the Sonos app. Apple Music will be available on Sonos as of December 15 2015, we will see how the integration will be done. Spotify will have to adapt quickly if they don't want to loose the thousands of Sonos users.

Sonos announced today that it's opening up its platform to Spotify Connect

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