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Spotify and Tesla

Spotify and Tesla

I read the article on using Spotify in a Tesla, but I don't understand what this sentence means, "Note: An automatic Tesla account will only be accessible in-vehicle. "  It sounds like the sevice can only be used in the car, but that seems strange.  The other question is, does Spotify show on the Tesla Tuchscreen with Version 8 software?

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Hey @kcimsan, welcome to the Spotify Community!


If you create and account automatically through the car, you'll be able to use that account only within the car. 


We don't have much detailed info regarding the Version 8 software, but it should be working without issues. If it's not, just let us know and we'll see what we can do for you.


Keep us posted.

I followed the instructions on your website for adding the Spotify App to my recently acquired Tesla, but the App is not available. Please work to make Spotify available as a native option for Tesla.

Lots of luck, but SPOTIFY so far NEVER listens, they just have a different person EVERY time chime in and give you a different answer, but never solve the problem.

I'm about ready to drop my home account, there is too much free music around. 

Hi Fabian,


I was told that I can log in to the Tesla Spotify with my Free account and use Spotify as a premium user while I am using the account in Tesla.  However, I cannot log in with my free spotify account on Tesla.  


Can you please check it out?  Thank you.



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