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Spotify and alexa echo. song stop and start again

Spotify and alexa echo. song stop and start again

Hi, I have problem listening spotify in my amazon echo. When I'm listening, per exemple, a playlist, some songs cut while playing and start from the beggining again, it's random but and is't a little annoyning


Any help will be apreciated. thanks in advance.

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I have Spotify connected to my Alexa and enjoy it most of the time. But it seems to simply stop playing at various times. If I switch to my Spotify app on my iPad, I see it appears that the song continues to play, but I don't hear anything on Alexa. If I ask "what is playing", Alexa is more than happy to tell me. Everyone tells me "it's clearly a netowrk problem" but the rest of my house continues to happily steam various sources via Verizon FIOS. I have rebooted Alexa numerous times and get no benefit. Any ideas would be welcome!

Huh, I have the same problem...

It happens to me too.  I have Alexa dot and Bose SoundTouch 10.  Happening on both.  Regardless of where I start Spotify from.  iPad, iPhone, the speaker itself or through Alexa.  


I thought it might just be Spotify, but it happens when I ask Alexa to
listen to the radio as well (via TuneIn).

Turns out this appears to be related to wifi signal strength. Or something to do with the wifi. I moved the echo dot closer to my primary wifi (versus the Actiontec repeater) and it seems to be working flawlessly now.

I will try that, although I am very close to the wifi

I have stopped listening to Spotify because of this. Trialing SiriusXM and so far so good. Been listening for atleast 30 hours now.

I have been ahving this issues for months and have reset it multiple times, and it's sitting directly above the wifi router so I know it's not connectivity issues. Now I ahve a second one and it's doing the sma ethign on the new one as well. I think it's a bad design with Spotify, it never happens with Pandora or Amazon music. 

I dropped spotify and got Sirius XM. It works fine

I have the same issue and it's getting very annoying as it keeps happening every 2nd or 3rd song! Did anyone find a way to fix this? Thanks 🙂

I found it ultimatelywas the Wi-Fi signal strength.

It's Amazon, they want you to use their music service, it's done purposely.
Spotify will not correct itself, so either don't use the Alexa for music
(my solution as I prefer Spotify) or use Amazon music. It is not the wifi
or location of the Alexa to the router.

That's what I thought...but moving closer to my router worked. Spotify now works. Could have better features, but works (flawlessly).

Same issue here, but more info. I use my Dot to feed my whole house music system. Because I am a network engineer I have enterprise-grade wifi with a controller and can see which access point devices are connected to, which band and channel they are on, what they are seeing for signal strength, and if the devices are experiencing connectivity problems. Echo Dot connects to my kitchen AP on the 5ghz band with full signal strength, and maintains connectivity even during the interruptions in audio. I can play Spotify using my iPad, iPhone, or laptop - same AP, same band, same channel - no interruptions. I can play Pandora on Echo Dot for hours, no interruptions. It only happens when I am playing Spotify on my Echo Dot. This tells me it's an issue with the way Amazon is connecting Dot to Spotify.

I've been trialing Spotify to use instead of Pandora Premium.   About twice a day my Amazon Echo stops playing is no longer listed in my available devices for about 20 minutes and then suddenly connects again and is subsequently listed in available devices again.    I have two echo's in different locations and this seems to happen no matter which echo I'm listening to.   What's the deal?

I experience the same problem. I start playing spotify on amazon echo and for whatever reason it will stop. If i open the spotify client it shows that the song is playing. I have to literally pause and resume in order for it to work again.


It's definatelly not the wifi since i have the echo next to my router.

Hey guys, any news regarding this issue?


Apperently Amazon support can't help with this.

 I have found both my original echo dot  and original echo cause problems when playing spotify songs.  most of the time the end of the song is not play and the begining is skipped, so you end up with 10 seconds of delay in between each song.  I have reset both units and removed them from my amazon account and reconnected them with no luck.  I have multiple newer dot 2's and they all work great with no large gaps betweens songs or missing portions of the songs.  Anyone else having similar issues?  Are you issues with the orginal dot or echo as well?


Hi all - The only way I've worked around this is to not use it through the
Alexa wifi connection and to do a bluetooth connection and control through
my phone. Otherwise the issue is ongoing!

In my opinion I believe Spotify needs to update software to support playback between other devices, and Amazon Echo products (Alexa). I have the same problem but I was able to play the music with out it cutting out. I simply Had Spotify open on my phone and connected to the Echo, and every time it paused I pushed Play, at times I was Rapidly tapping the play/pause button 3 to 5 times in a row. But still doesn’t really solve the issue entirely  

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