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Spotify app automatically turns on my AVR

Spotify app automatically turns on my AVR



I have spotify on my android phone and desktop PC and have Spotify connect on my Yamaha home theatre system


Usually when i open the app and play a song, it will play on my phone, i can then tap on "other devices" and select my AVR, which will turn it on and play the song through that using Spotify Connect.


As of late, when i open the app on my phone, or my desktop PC and play a song, it defaults to my AVR and turns it on


this is of particular annoyance when i am out, play a song on my phone and it turns on my AVR at home quite loud too


is there a way to

1) Not default to any "other device" and 

2) prompy with like an "are you sure?" when selecting a spotify connect device


thank you 🙂

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