Spotify app for Logitech UE Smart Radio


Spotify app for Logitech UE Smart Radio


Since a couple of week the Spotify app has disapear from my Logitech UE Smart Radio. And I can't find the app anymore in the App Galery on MySqueezebox website. 


Do someone know how to get the app again on my Smart Radio?


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Until now very happy spotify customer, This made me try Deezer and I must say I am not disappointed. From now on I will be with Deezer and continue to luse my good UE smart radios.

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Hey @elegend, welcome to the Spotify Community!


As Spotify looks to improve the overall Spotify experience, they are removing the app from the Logitech Squeezebox.


Don’t worry, there are still plenty of ways to stream Spotify on your speaker! Check out their guide here or head to


Let me know if you have questions.


Have a great day! 🙂

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When I went on holiday a few weeks ago, my Spotify Premium account thrived on my three Squeezebox radios. No: nothing. And no norifications in advance. I'm deeply disappointed in you, Spotify, after being a paying customer from the start. Goodbye.


Hi @Huib,


Thanks for your reply, but I couldn't find any easy way to stream spotify through my Logitech UE Smart Radio. And I'm not sure I can use it like a Wi-Fi speaker as described in the Spotify guide


Too bad :'-(


Have a nice day


after returning from holidays I was very disappointed to discover  (after a long search) Spotify had removed its app from the Logitech UESmartRadio. The offered solutions to listen to spotify are as far as I can see in no way applicable for the UESmartRadio and Spotify does not offer a specific solution for this radio except that the customer should buy another device. I think this is a very bad solution, trying to live sustainable, caring about the environment, to throw away a good working radio and to buy something else - spotify, being original swedish, a very environmental aware country, should behave better than this! Not an improvement at all for my spotify experience, on the contrary.

I had a UE smart radio, loved being able to carry it around the house with me listening to Tune in or Spotify or streaming from my PC. I even bought my parents one so they could do the same. What a waste, not impressed at all. It's 2017 and here is a business that is dropping functionality, feels a little lazy.

For anyone with a Squeezebox it looks like an enthusiast did what Spotify couldn't be bothered to do, so search for that if you have one. Not optimistic the same will happen for the smart radios though.


I feel very disappointed as well, there was even no announcement or anything similar. Find this very poor and without this sercive spotify became more or less useless for me. I will probably cancel the subscription and change to deezer or sth. that still supports logitech... very sad...


If you want to promote spotify connect. I don't understand why you couldn't have added that funktion to the UE smart radio app instead of removing it?


I'm also deeply disappointed😔


I'll add my disappointment to the list! Wasted time trying to debug this problem as the change happened while I had the box disconnected while on holiday... now my logitech isn't compatible with Spotify. Not happy!


So disappointed. Such a waste of great equipment (Logitech UE Smart radio) in such a short time and the cheek of having it described as for improving service and with no warning. No point buying another device as support for that could stop too. I've had a premium subscription for a while but no point continuing to pay now.

This really is not a solution at all. The guides might as well say throw your equipment away and buy something new, then hope Spotify don't decide to "improve" their services again in the future and discontinue support for your new device!

Very disappointed in again suffering from Spotify removing something people clearly use.

Anyone with a UE smart radio can convert it into a Squeezebox Radio via a firmware update and use the solution mentioned in weavermech''s post.

Dear people from Spotify and Logitech,

I have bought this radio because it had a spotify player. You cannot just remove the player from my radio. I know it is 2017 but once a product had been sold you cannot downgrade it, you have taken something away that I have bought.



I don't know what kind of agrements or disagreements Spotify and Logitech had, I just know, that I, as many others, feel increadibly dissapointed with this waste of time and money that you are putting on your customers. I paid for the Logitech radio and a premium account on spotify just to have what you are taking now away from many of us, a Radio which was working beautifully until you change your "money-making" policies.


Hi, thanks for the post weavermech (and the hope). I got my UE smartradio working all the time as a squeezebox but spotify is absolutely gone, would you have any solution? or its a lost cause? Thanks!


Logitech isnt paying Spotify anymore...

Thats probably why they discontinued Sqeezebox /UE support...


Really think Spotify just wants to be a phone only app with folks streaming it from phones.... 


BTW one of their solutions is a major dissapointment... The Gramofon... 


Roku and Spotify are playing the blame game and the end result is the app is barely to not functional on Roku....


And Logitech just doesn't want to put any resources in, nor does Spotify want to try to retain those customers either....  Need to find a new service that works on *all* my devices....


Chromecast isnt bad... if you use Chromecast Audio......or a Chromecast enabled Speaker.. but we shouldnt need to buy new hardware just to listen to music again...


I am sorely dissapointed in not being notified by Spotify or Logitech on discontinuing support... I found out only after the fact on here....  Least SiriusXM on Logitech sent out a warning letter... Though they too didn't really offer alternatives except to stream from your PC.......


I wont even get into the vanishing song titles and the kareoke-esque remakes of popular tunes that are showing up to "replace" them......









Does anyone have some legal insight on this topic? What legal right does Spotify have to delete an app from equipment owned by me?


They dont have to delete it.. they can and just block it from the remote end... Uhm. your app version is not supported.. we wont send a stream to your device...Dont have any legal standing if they do that.. the app deletion.. is really a courtesy so you dont get an Error or Not Supported warning




I can see that "Spotty" might be the answer we are all looking for here. And it is being worked hard right now to make it work. That Spotty thread is "HIGH tech" for mortals like me 🙂 I would start asking how do I find it and install it on my Smartradio? beginner's question 🙂 Is not to be found on mysqueezebox account. Thanks for the Tip!

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