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Spotify app with Samsung Gear S3 Crashes

Spotify app with Samsung Gear S3 Crashes




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Samsung Gear S3

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 The Spotify app for the Samsung Gear S3 had very bad crashing problems. I use the watch on LTE when I go running to stream music from Spotify. I also like to use a running app such as MapMyRun or SHealth. Spotify will initially work when I start everything up, but once a voice update plays from the fitness apps, Spotify will no longer work. It will show that music is playing, but no sound will come from Spotify. Sound will still come from other sources on the watch. In order to make the Spotify app work properly again I have to restart the whole watch. This is not practical when I am running. This issue makes the app essentially useless to me, as the whole reason I am using spotify now is so I can run without a phone and still have music. I am considering canceling my spotify membership if the issue doesn't get resolved. 

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I've got the exact same problem, on the same device, and many more. 


I opened a thread with all my bugs:

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