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Spotify app won't work on LG Smart TV

Spotify app won't work on LG Smart TV


I have not been able to get the Spotify app to work on my LG tv since it became available. I can log in to Spotify but when I get in, only the menu on the left side is available. In the main screen there is nothing. Just black. My playlists, favorites...well just not there. I can scroll up and down on the menu but nothing else works. Anyone else have this problem? I don't know if it's a Spotify issue or an LG issue.

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Hey there!

I've moved your topic over here in the help section, so we can take a look at it.

For starters, what exact LG model do you have? Are you sure it's compatible with the Spotify app?


Hi! It's a 50LN5600. I swear it worked when the app became avaialable. But perhaps I was using the app on my Roku before I moved it to another room with another tv. I can't be certain. . LG advised to uninstall and reinstall the app. That didn't work. They informed me that if it didn't work to contact Spotify. Anyway, thanks for moving my post. 🙂 I know I accidentally posted it in the wrong forum


I even have tryed to return TV to factory settings. Didn't helped. 😞

App starts, but it is not possible to login with Facebook account or else.


Did you ever figure this out?  I can't login either. 


The same problem i am having now. Have you had the matter fixed at all and if so how.


Has anyone found a fix for this issue? I got my LG tv yesterday...its brand new out of the box ultra HD 4K smart TV...I downloaded spotify and I could see all of my music on there. Today I launch the app on the TV and it had me update it and now I cannot see any of my music!

I'm still having this issue, there have been weeks before it started. I can only see the menu but my playlists are not there.


I have had spotify on my tv for a while with no problems.....until now! I cannot see my playlist either. what is the fix???

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