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Spotify application on Philips smart TV.

Spotify application on Philips smart TV.



I have a problemen with my Phbilips Smart TV
When I start the Spotify app my TV shows an empty  screen where I can only move my cursor.

It is not possible to login or start any tye of music.


Does anybody have an idea how I can fix this






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I'm assuming you have a premium subscription. Have you checked that you have the latest firmware for your TV and tried removing the spotify app then reinstalling it?

Hello Jpe,


I have a premium subscription, and I just installed the app "fresh" (tv is brandnew).

Kind regards,

Brand new TV makes it all the more likely that you need to update the firmware - have you checked to see if it is up to date?

Yesterday I downloaded a new firmware release and I just removed and reinstalled the Spotify app.

Unfortunately without any result.

In that case, try a factory reset and, if that doesn't work, get in touch with Phillips support. Which country are you in by the way?

I live in the Netherlands

By the way I am using a Wifi connection, could that be the problem?

Wifi works fine so it shouldn't be that.

I have the same and i have a Phillips 46PFL8008s

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