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Spotify cant move songs to "next in queue" when playing on a Sonos

Spotify cant move songs to "next in queue" when playing on a Sonos

Hello everyone,


I'm experiencing trouble with moving songs from one of my playlists to the playing queue whenever I'm playing a song on my Sonos. Spotify confirms that the song was added to the queue but the queue is still empty. When I switch from playing on my Sonos to playing on my local PC (or smartphone or tablet) it works just fine.

I already tried the Spotify Connect troubleshooting guide (Restart PC, Restart Sonos, Restart router, everything is up to date) but that didn't help. I think it might be a bug. Are other Sonos users having similar problems?


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Can confirm I'm seeing the same issue.  I can set up a queue with Spotify playing on a local device, but as soon as I use Spotify Connect to change to a Sonos device the queue is cleared and I'm unable to add any songs to the queue.


I also tried clearing my queue in the Sonos app and generally minimizing any possible interference from that but it didn't seem to have any impact; in the past any Spotify-based queue updates I would make usually overrode the Sonos queue anyway.

I have had this problem since the last update.  What in the **bleep** Spotify?  The main reason I use this service is to control my laptop queue list from my cell phone.  It was working fine until last month.  Please fix this week or I will have to make the regrettable switch to Apple Music

Hey @jdogg333333@oz3l0t and @sonnyd64,


Thanks for raising this issue with us.


You'll be happy to hear that this issue has been resolved since you last posted!


If you have any other issues, make sure to post on the thread that we've linked above.





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