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Spotify causing Logitech Squeezbox to crash.

Spotify causing Logitech Squeezbox to crash.

Ever since I've had Spotify Premium, I have had a problem that has made my Squeezebox Touch crash, and then reboot itself afterwards.

I recently was informed that Spotify was the cause, so, does anyone know how I can stop it happening without leaving Spotify and bringing in Napster?
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Going to drop this over into the "Other" section since its not a desktop issue. As far as I am aware, the Spotify application for Squeezebox is made by Logitech themselves using the Spotify development library libspotify, so I would suggest you get in touch with them for support. 



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Unless you're running non-logitech software, it's more likey to be something Logitech need to help you with. Anyway, I found this thread with a quick Google search. I only dipped into it but it seems that another person was having similar issues and allocating a fixed IP to the touch fixed things.

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