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Spotify changing song information, album artwork and sometimes the song!

Spotify changing song information, album artwork and sometimes the song!

I've had enough of this. I have had album artowrk change from the original album to things like club mix etc.. and now I have had a song, Comatose by Skillit, actually turn into a live edtition instead of the studio version I stared!


Please fix this.

Or at least allow us to turn of the album artwork lining thing.

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Spotify does not directly change song information, it is provided by content providers. You can report incorrect song information here.

Hope this helped 🙂

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Whats a Spotify Rock Star?

So the content provideres like Now that's what I call music etc.. Have the reight to change the artwork? For example, the original artwork for Want U Back is on the artists page where I stared the song and now I have a R&B club mix artwork when playing from my stared list.

"Destination Calabria" just changed to a radio edit version which is quite different to the normal edition.

Cobra Starship "you make me feel" from the American reunion soundtrack changed to a different version even though the original is still avalible! 

What device are you having this issue with?

Spotify in general (desktop, android etc..)

What a pain... I make label playlists and I'm so unsatisfied when the covers' change, due to local sublicenses!

It just happened to me now.... Portland by Drake is now only the instrumental, Rockstar by Post Malone is some gay remix and so is Jumpman by Future.. i just listened to these songs a few hours ago and how they're changed. Whats up with that.

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