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Spotify coming to Yamaha A/V receivers anytime soon?

Spotify coming to Yamaha A/V receivers anytime soon?

The only thing that stops me from buying a Yamaha A/V receiver is the lack of Spotify integration, which is present on Onkyo receivers. Is this feature coming in 2012 Yamaha models or will Onkyo have all the fun for the time being?
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ill like to know this to and if it come it wil come on older models to ?

+1, would like this very much!

Hey! We're currently only available on Onkyo A/V Receivers at the moment. However, newer receivers tend to have USB ports, that you can plug some devices (like an iPhone) into to play Spotify through.
Airhorn Enthusiast


I also prefer to find spotify on my new Yamaha RX-A3010, better than Napster, they are in :-((


Spotify is on Marantz and Denon now.  What about Yamaha?



Which Marantz and Denon devices, thanks.

As for Denon, both CEOL mini systems and all AV receivers from 2113 according to the website.


I have the CEOL Piccolo and it works a real treat!

Here's another vote for Spotify support on Yahama Aventage receivers...   PLEASE!!!

one more vote for Yamaha receivers!!!

my RX-775 is waiting for Spotify!


Heeey theeeereeee folks!


I hope you're enjoying this monday no matter from where you are. However I would recommend to search if there is an Idea requesting this good thing! If so, just add your Kudos or if not, just create one!!!


Please follow this link and see if there any other cool ideas that you want to Spotify very soon.


Thanks and have a great week!


Remember, there is no one useless, just share your ideas in Idea forum and maybe some day your ideas are waiting you in Spotify 😉

No mention of Spotify on the 2013 receivers just presented from Yamaha.

Hi David,


I have the YAMAHA RX-A1020 and I connected my Ipad to the USB Port, but you can not play Spotify through, only Itune's Music.


It will be nice to have one solution! Thx

@boborg wrote:

No mention of Spotify on the 2013 receivers just presented from Yamaha.

Unbelievable. Is Yamaha really *THIS* blind or has Onkyo some sort of exclusivity on Spotify's service? 😞
I ended up buying an rx-a810 last summer, so it would be awesome if Yamaha would wake up and update its streaming services (Napster? seriously?). Not that I'm counting on it....


I don't wan't to use more cables (via USB)! If it is possible for other brands, it should be possible for Yamaha too. I will wait with Premium account...

You have to a have a premium account in order to enjoy Spotify embedded in audio or A/V devices (sonos, onkyo receivers, roku, etc) or mobile. 
However that wont help cause atm Spotify is not available on Yamaha receivers. 

I second and third this idea. I own a Yamaha RXV-671 and would absolutely love having Spotify added to the list of available inputs.  My 30 day Spotify premium trial expired and during that time I connected my laptop to my receiver with a HDMI cable and then selected V-AUX and played Spotify through the receiver.    The sound was excellent, yet I'd love to be able to play spotify using my receiver alone.  If you have a decent receiver and speaker set up, why wouldn't you want to play Spotify using that system.  It's cumbersome having to connect a laptop to the receiver everytime I want to listen to spotify.  It's either that or listen to spotify on my computer speakers which is like driving a Pinto vs. BMW.  Now that the free spotify trial finished, I'm very tempted to cancel the Spotify subscription. I can't see paying $10 a month just to play songs on my mobile device and not my network receiver.  I'd gladly pay $10 to have my receiver stream spotifiy.

+1. Must have!


That's ok, when the 2012's came out, they didnt have Pandora / Rhapsody / Sirius.  Those were added later via a software update.


I dont see why Yamaha can't add Spotify too, should be an easy software fix.

AFAIK, Spotify is doing some changes to their platform, and Yamaha is waiting for this to happen first.

June is the current date, but could be postponed further.


But I could be wrong...


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