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Spotify connect feed dropping out


Spotify connect feed dropping out






Yamaha MusicCast wxad-10

Operating System

Windows 10, Android


My Question or Issue

For the last 2 months I have experienced random stuttering/buffering/dropouts with Spotify connect. The song playing will cut and resume with the pause between cut and resume shortening each time until the music resumes. It seems to be worse in the evening hours. It's absolutely killing my music enjoyment and not what I expect from a paid service.

- I have tried all of the "fixes" suggested

- My audio streamer is hard wired, so not a wi-fi issue

- This happens both with a mobile phone and desktop app connected controller.

- It does not happen with internet radio

- My ISP (Ziggo) has confirmed that the line is functioning perfectly. No dropouts on other (higher demand) services such as Netflix.

- I can see the download speed choke when the stutter occurs. Drops from 500-600Kbps to 10-40 Kbps and back up after the stutter stops.

- It is not time related. Not the same time interval between stutter occurrences.

- DNS is via Google as recommended

- Prior to this I have had 2 years of problem free Spotify music streaming


Nobody at Spotify seems to picking this up despite numerous posts on this forum.

Please, please, please Spotify take this seriously and get this fixed. You say "Listening is everything" so please live up to your tagline and get this fixed! Mobile streaming via Bluetooth at compressed quality is not what I bought or want.


Hope to hear something from Spotify really soon for all of the customers who are severely disappointed.

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Not a single dropout or stutter since rolling back to the pre 4/10/2021 firmware. Yamaha is stalling and customers are stuck with malfunctioning products!

Everything has been working perfectly for 2 weeks on my RN803. I do not know why.

Hi Zedman,

Strange, Yamaha is ensuring me that installing the previous version software won't solve the issue.

May I ask where you have downloaded the previous firmware? I also would like to try the previous version FW on my device, but Yamaha refuses to send it to me. (I have a crx-n470d).

Regards Chris

I got it from Yamaha!! They sent me a download link for the 2.18 version firmware for the wxad 10

Could you be so kind to share the link?

Anyone any news ? Unfortunately Yamaha keeps refusing to send old firmware for the CRX-N470d, so after all the months I'm in contact with them, no single step of progress has been made, while did al the troubleshooting they suggested and all the information I delivered to them 😕

Kind of disappointing. I'm even considering returning my device, as the primary function I bought the device for is not working well. I'm still within warrantee, so before it expires I could do something with it.


@Zedman: thanks for the Tweakers suggestion, but I could find any firmware for my device.




Anyone any news from Yamaha? I did not receive a reply when I asked for an update on the issue.


Regards Chris

Hi Could you send me a link for WXAD-10 firmware?


you can send me a PM with your email address for that as I can't post it in
this forum

Same Spotify Connect issue for me with R-N803D with firmware 3 so the latest. Zedman do you have also previous firmware for this device ? I reach the log and the web interface as mentioned befire but not sure if i have anything to do there.

I have exactly the same problem, with 6 x WXA-50 and an RX-A670. Can't believe it hasn't been sorted after 6 months and so many people reporting the same problem. Think I'll go back to Deezer as it's only Spotify that has the stuttering issue.

I have same problem with soundbar YAS-209. I sent device to yamaha service in Poland (audioklan in Warsaw), they send it back with notice that everything works properly. 


I can agree that problem could appear after firmware update. Right now i have firmware version 5.1. I tried to reinstall firmware, but device won't do that when same software version is on the pendrive and device memory. Or I'm doing something wrong...


In my case is one more thing. I have very poor connection via BT. Tested on 3 phones, everyone glitching. Maybe this problems are some kind connected?


I'm afraid that is my first and last yamaha device...

Hi everyone,


Just want to share some of my observations. I also suffer from the random stops when using Spotify on my Yamaha R-N803D. I was so frustrated that I decided to try out Tidal and check if the issue occurs as well. Surprisingly Tidal stops randomly too! However the behaviour is slightly different:


When using Spotify the music stops playing randomly and doesn't restart. When I press "play" button on my remote immediately after nothing happens. After some time (~15 sec) I can press the "play" on my remote and Spotify continues playing a song.


When I played music via Tidal it also stops randomly, however I noticed that device recovers from that and restarts a song from the beginning automatically after a few moments. I used Tidal via Yamaha Music Cast.


There's also 1 other thing that I noticed. I remember in the previous firmware version (<3.00) when the music stopped playing the "wifi" icon disappeared for few seconds from the display. It looked like the device was completely dropping the wifi connection. After firmware upgrade to 3.00 the wifi icon doesn't disappear anymore, but it looks that connections are still dropped. I suspect that Yamaha just stopped indicating connection loss with the new FW release.


There's one more thing I noticed. I remember once playing Spotify on my Yamaha but having the Spotify App opened in my MacOS. When the music playing in my Yamaha in the MacOS app there appeared some popup with the error message that "the session has expired". The popup disappeared after few seconds and I didn't manage to make a screenshot 😕


Anyway - did anyone manage to get the <3.00 firmware?

Short update - my device YAS-209 came back from service. I have newer version of firmware, it's 5.31 now and there is no changes, soundbar still have same problems. Is there anybody who noticed similar problems in soundbars?

I've just started having the same problem. Regular 1-2 second drop outs on Spotify Connect. Using active loudspeakers and a Project Streambox S2. Used to fine but just recently started having problems. Totally ruins the listening experience. I don't wan t to go back to Bluetooth but the drop outs are VERY frustrating!!


Problem still exsist, bye Spotify, hello Apple Music is probably the sollution. So done with this!

I bought Tidal for one month to test connection problems. Everything works fine.
Spotify will lost next client?

In my case problem is solved. I just changed DNS server to in ZTE router... Why I needed so many time to discover that... 

That seems to work! So far so good!

(Before I used the previous firmware version (*15 if I remember well), which worked good anyway. But with your solution the new one seems to work good as well. I still can  revert back to the old one if needed)



Good to know it is wider solution. I'm happy I could help. 😉

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