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Spotify connect for Vizio

Spotify connect for Vizio

I used to be able to control my music from my iphone on the Vizio Spotify App, but i tried it today, and it stopped working. I tried restarting, and reinstalling the app on all my devices but to no avail. Its really frustrating since Ive been payng for this app for this specific reason. I am connected on the same Wifi network, and I can only see my phone as a playable device :[

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Hey @batbran, we're here to help you out!


To get started, can you check if your TV as any firmware updates available? Also, could you give it a try to use Spotify Connect from a different device (PC, tablet)?


Let us know if the same issue persists. 


All the best 🙂


The TV is up to date I believe. It's running version 1.3.15-UHD

I am able to switch between my laptop and my phone with sportify connect, but it seems the Vizio Spotify App is buggy. I asked a friend who also has a newer Vizio and he said it hasnt worked for a while :[


Hopefully Spotify can fix the issue... and also improve the UI for the Vizio App. It's extremely difficult to use, if you can't use spotify connect on your iPhone

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