Spotify connect issue with Denon AVR-x2300 solved!

Spotify connect issue with Denon AVR-x2300 solved!


Had a weird issue with Spotify Connect. I´m running my Denon AVR-x2300w connected via cable to an Asus AC56u router (merlin firmware). Interestingly enough, Spotify connect worked flawlessly from my Iphone 7 but not on my Windows 10 laptop. After some investigation the Spotify Connect Network requirements, I downloaded this little piece of software called Bonjour browser:

The list of available bonjour services on the network was completely blank. In other words, something was blocking UDP multicast on my machine.

I then realized that my wireless NIC is connected thorugh a Hyper-V virtual switch (running some virtual machines on my laptop). I removed the virtual switch and voila, I could finally see alla available Bonjour services on the network. Spotify connect is now working again.


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