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Spotify connect issues after last update

Spotify connect issues after last update

I've been struggling with connect since the last update off spotify on my phone.
It's been working flawless before, but now it very unresponsive and even hard to connect sometimes.
Ia've got three different devices at home, from three different vendors.
The last week it's hard to connect, and when I'm connected it's unresponsive.
Sometimes I try to change track or turn the volume up/down but nothing happens, it's the same for all devices.

Anyone else got similar problems?
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Search function doesn't work here right now and today I had a lot of unwanted "pauses" between songs. Maybe related?
General Mobile GM5 plus
Stock Android 7.1.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab s2 9.7
Stock Android 6.0.1

Can't play on Sonos or iPhone app today. Many songs are noted as "unavailable" on Spotify, when they were previously.

I'm able to play everything but I've trouble with spotify connect on all my devices.
So my problem is more a connect problem.

I've got exactly the same problem. Spotify app (v5.1.0 on IOS 9.2.1 on iPhone 6) worked flawlesly with my Gramofon using Spotify Connect prior version 5.1.0. Now it has severe problems connecting to the Gramofon, and once connected the gramofon is regurlary unresponsive to the app's commands. Loosing connection. When I try to reestablish the connection, the app crashes regurlary.  


My Gramofon is wired, not using wireless.

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