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Spotify connect issues with Pioneer VSX-830-K

Spotify connect issues with Pioneer VSX-830-K

I recently bought a new receiver from Pioneer (VSX-830-K) which has the spotify connect feature. However, I'm not able to get it working. 

The device will show up on all my other devices as "VSX-830-K", but when I click it nothing happens. I've tried with different accounts, and I have tried changing the DNS on the unit to googles own dns, yet it won't work. 

If I try clicking changing the source to the receiver from my android it simply says "connecting ..."  and then it just goes back to the phone as a source.

Any ideas?

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I have the problem that I cannot connect the htc one with the pioneer vsx 528. Which input do you choose so that the htc can detect the pioneer? Thany a lot!!




I have the same issue. Did you manage to solve it ? 




for myself, i had the same problem. I tryed everything and something works .. 


I was in wi-fi connection. I connect my pioneer with a RJ45 : that works. I swithed off and resetting in wi-fi and now it's still works ... 


Hope it will help you (sorry for my english xD French mate :p)

I have a VSX-45 that is supposed to accept Spotify. It shows up as a device but will not connect.  Spent hours with Pioneer tech trying bt finally the advanced techy person admitted the Spotify has limited their access to many receivers and that they are cutting off access.  it's a money thing.  Someone is not getting paid. That's my suspicion. 

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