Spotify connect no longer working

Spotify connect no longer working

I got a Onkyo TX-NR626 receiver which has been working flawlessly with the latest firmware, allowing spotify connect, untill yesterday. It shows up as available but when trying to connect it just turn grey again after a short while. Im trying to connect from a Samsung S5 and both units are on the same network on a Asus RT-AC68U router.

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I have the same problem with Gramofon. Gramofon shows up as available but connection doesn't work. I think there is a general problem wth Spoitify Connect.

It's alot of us with the same problem... im using a s6... soo its not your phone..

Exactly the same problem with my Denon and my Nexus 4 / the desktop App. Ran perfect until yesterday.

My free premium month stopped and I started paying, dunno if that has something to do with it.. I un- + reinstalled everything, did complete reboots of every device (even my home network). Nothing worked.

Hehe, i've done that to 😛

Spotify connect does not work for me any longer. I am using it on Amazon Fire TV and I am streaming from a Samsung Galaxy S5 and an IPad Air. It does not work with either of the two devices. I reinstalled Spotify Connect on Fire TV but it didn't help. Without Spotify Connect the service is of limited value to me. If it doesn't get fixed by Spotify within the next 2 weeks I will cancel my Premium subscription for Spotify.

Same problem with Bose SoundTouch, Connect is not working anymore after update 3.0.0

Hello All,


Please be inform that I have same issue. I'm using Spotify Premium account and since yesterday evening (French CET) I can't play any music on my Bose soundtouch.


What I tried:

- Upsate system of Bose soundtouch

- Reinstall application Spotify on my iPhone

- Test with PC with OS Windows 8.1

- Test with a Galaxy Note 3


Still impossible to play music.


Can Spotify help on this global issue ? There is indeed no value to pay 9,99€ per month if this solution is nor working...


Thank you,

Hopefully they will fix this **bleep** asap...



For information I opened  the following Spotify Case # 02842321 on french support. Bad news is that it's a day off in France, not sure someone will check it today... 


Let's hope they will fix it 🙂

Same issue in Germany - spotify connect not working since 30.4.15.

Otherwise you can use all clients simultanously with only one account - no need for offline modus at the moment - if there wasn't the connect problem (use of conncet speaker etc) - not bad issue -> I couldn't save a lot for my family - everybody use one account and could play what they want and not restriction as for the free user 🙂

Nice! Thnx. It's day off here in Norway aswell...
Yep. Lets hope soo. 🙂

I have also open a ticket in germany, but we have also a national holiday... Hopefully they have somebody sitting there...

Same for me here in Italy! today is day off.


Btw Spotify Connect is no longer working also with my ios and microsoft devices....



After filling in all connection info, resetting device etc finally found this thread.  So it's a Spotify issue.  Hopefully we got some feedback soon enough.  I would expect this to show up on @SpotifyStatus but nothing there.  That would avoid lots of users thinking it's a network issue and resetting their devices.


I tweeted @SpotifyStatus to let them know, maybe everyone should do the same so someone hopefully notices.  Day off here and would love to hear some music today 🙂

Hi all,


I received a feedback from twitter @Spotifystatus. They confirmed that there was a little hiccup with Connect functionnality.


I tested my Bose Soundtouch this morning and all is working well 😉


Let's enjoy Cat Very Happy

Can confirm, it's working again. Hooray!

Just tested with Fire TV and streaming from Galaxy S5 and IPad Air. Still not working! So we only have a partial solution for some users. HEY SPOTIFY, I am getting a bit frustrated and will cancel my Premium subscription within the next week if it doesn't get fixed. I've had the problem for about a week now. The app never really worked too well. The only reason why I have been using Spotify and not Google Play Music has been the Connect feature anyway. Google Play Music's software is so much better and not as buggy but you can't stream to Fire TV unfortunately.

Now tried again and uninstalled Spotify Connect from my Fire TV. Then reinstalled Connect on Fire TV. Now it works! No need to reinstall Spotify on the streaming devices. Reinstallation of Connect seems to be sufficient to make it work again.


I think Spotify's information policy is pretty poor. If you search help they only advise you to reinstall Spotify on the streaming devices which wouldn't have helped ...


But anyway. Glad to be able to play some music on the week end :-))).

Same thing going on here with  my Denon AVR X1200W suddenly stopped connecting. My tablet sees the Denon as device available, but when I tap it, it says connecting, but never does.


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