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Spotify connect not working - Amazon Echo

Spotify connect not working - Amazon Echo

Using both the desktop and android phone app spotify will not connect to my Echo or Echo Show. Both show up in the devices available, but when I click on them it does literally nothing. This has been occurring for a week now. I've uninstalled and reinstalled both apps, removed and then added the echos to connected devices, turned wi-fi off and on, nothing is working. Please help.


Edit: It does not connect from the web player either, even though it shows in my devices.

Edit2: Just tried trouble shooting again and now no devices will show up.

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I have found I need to tell alexa. Spotify Connect to get her to tell me how to Spotify connect before she will play Spotify again when she does this on my echo. Kinda defeats the point of putting the account on her. It's like she gets amnesia and forgets the details. But she thinks she's playing because if I ask her she says she's playing the track I requested 

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