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Spotify connect not working on denon DENON AVR X2300w

Spotify connect not working on denon DENON AVR X2300w



Since yesterday, Spotify connect does not work anymore on my home cinema amplifier DENON AVR X2300w.
On the site of spotify it is advisable to make a firmware update for some models of amplifier but the DENON AVR X2300w is not part of it and no update is available.

The question I want to ask the Spotify team is:

Will this problem be solved for the DENON AVR X2300w or is the unavailability of spotify connect definitive?

Thanking you,
Best regards,

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Since this morning same problem. Denon can be selected but once chosen the music doesn't play

So today I tried to solve the problem differently than with all the numerous solutions provided here and the help logs from both Denon and Spotify. Of which most I either found too technical to understand or silly to begin with (re-install for the umpteenth time and closing down accounts among them).


[Begin rant] Before I describe my solution to the above problem I would like to stress how annoying it is to find out the as soon as "tech" is involved that is supposed to work "simple" things can and will go wrong so soon. I'm in my one month free trial and in that time I've had to deal with technical difficulties shutting me out of the Spotify service via my Denon twice! Twice for no apparent reason I can play music one minute and not the next. People... we are supposed to be in the age where we are going to mars and machine learning, big data and algorithms are supposed to replace us all at the work place... Yet a "simple thing" as playing a little bit of music on a **bleep** speaker is too much to ask from two tech savvy companies like Spotify and Denon.

Guess who won't be leading that charge into space?


I'm so done with this **bleep**. [End rant]


So let me detail down just how I found a coincidental solution to my annoying big problem:


The problem was my Denon was available on my phone and computer, but it wouldn't play songs because a connection failed. To try something I took my wife’s IPhone and opened her Spotify App and mine at the same time. Started playing Spotify on my wife’s phone and noticed I got a "do you want to continue using iPhone" message on my phone. That gave me an idea.


Next I tried setting up a Bluetooth connection between my wife’s iPhone and the receiver (my Bluetooth also doesn't connect to the Denon). I was lucky and a connection was established between the two and again I got a message on my phone about wanting to continue on the Denon... This was my chance. I took over the connection from my wife’s iPhone and as if by magic a connection was established between my phone and Denon again. Then I closed down Bluetooth and the Spotify app on the iPhone and my connection on my phone remained (I guess it no longer used Bluetooth?). Even after a bold move of me by shutting down the App and restarting it again the connection was not lost. So I guess I have it back again until the next freak thing happens in a week or two and I have to find out if my creativity can outmaneuver machine stupidity again.





@ Seth I'm glad it worked out for you. I was able to play music on my Denon AVR X2300W with Spotify Connect today so I was going to write that it had to be something with your setup. I'm assuming that you have the latest Denon firmware too?

My Denon has the exact same issue. The latest firmware is installed.



For me, it started working again Friday as if by magic.


As far as I've read, AVR X2300W is not concerned with discontinuation the “spotify connect” services on some devices (see here: ).
If this occurs with your amplifier and it is an AVR X2300W, it is recommended to update the firmware of your DENON (There is a section for this in the amplifier menus).
Otherwise I sometimes solve some problems by removing temporary files from the application on my smartphone and by updating the spotify application.

Yours sincerely,

Thanks for your prompt feedback. Unfortunately it still does not work for me. I have the latest firmware installed. I have the same issue on the iOS (ipad), Android and windows app. I tried resetting the Denon to factory settings, but the issue persists.

Yes, latest firmware and all. It's still working. Hope my shared solution will work for others too.

Perhaps one of the two (Andriod or Iphone) can connect via bluetooth like I did and take it from there?

That isn't really spotify connect though, playing through blue tooth or Airplay degrades the signal compared to direct to receiver as used to work.

The same problem: the last firmware, airplay works, bluetooth works, spotify does not..., Denon AVR X2100w

Try to unplug and plug back your Denon from power.



Finally got it working again. I just had to remove the denon from the list of devices in the spotify app. The Denon device got automatically added again after and then it all of a sudden worked again...

I used to have a lot of connection problems with my Denon DRA-N4. Turns the modem/router from my internet provider was the problem. Recently I installed a new router (a "professional" model) and since I haven't had any problems with Spotify connect anymore.

So my advice would be to check whether you can test with a different router.

My solution:


First forget device, and add it again.



Well... my prediction was a bit off... it took 6 weeks not 2 but I again experienced problems with my phone and computer not being able to play from the Denon again. So I tried to repeat the process I described earlier and, surprise, surprise, it didn't work. For some reason the tech worked differently this time. My wife's iPhone was no longer recognised as "the Denon" but "iphone from wife". This meant I could play songs via my wifes connection on the Denon but as soon as I dropped the connection between her phone and Denon, my listening was over too....


So... what next? I tried via bluetooth, wifi and... wait wifi! the Denon standard connects to the ethernet not wifi... So I checked and found that the denon had no established network. So did that and again I got lucky. I don't  no why but this time (through the use of Wifi) my phone and computer both "saw" the Denon again and a connection could be establised. After that I re-cabled the Denon to my ethernet and killed the denon wifi. It's still there! Next I'm going to try swithing everything of... AND it works.


See you again in six weeks!





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