Spotify connect on Denon x1000

Spotify connect on Denon x1000

Will the Spotify Connect feature be available on the Denon x1000 receiver at any point?


Someone know?



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Have you asked Denon? They'll know whether or not that model can actually support connect and if there are any plans.

I also have an AVR-X1000. Spotify lists Denon as a Connect partner in one place, but is missing from another list. So I guess we'll have to wait an see if the functionality is included in future firmware.


As an airplay user I don't see much advantage to Connect. But I was disaapointed that Spotify radio wasn't on the X1000. That function would have been my primary spotify use for the reciever. That functionality would have allowed me to not use a Mac or iOS device when playing spotify at home. Since that functionality is missing, perhaps Connect will be too much for the hardware/software of X1000.


Do all reciever have such a limited Spoify feature set? No one said anything about "Spotify Lite" when I was reciever shopping.

Spotify Radio isn't implemented in the libspotify SDK, so no 3rd party devices will have Spotify radio (unless they are using Spotify Connect).

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Regarding this this discussion (german), Denon does not seem to even think about implementing connect into the AVR x000 series. They always refer to that the x100 series do have connect integrated...

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