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Spotify connect stop randomly

Spotify connect stop randomly



I've bought a pair of GGMM M3 and set up a multiroom.

Until a few weeks ago everything worked perfectly, now when I play songs on speakers, spotify randomly stops playing, pausing the song and refusing to play again.


I say randomly because although in many case the problem appear immediately (I mean afer few seconds), sometimes all works well for half an hour before stopping.


Any ideas?

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Lots of ppl have this problem with different equipment. I use yamaha music cast speakers and it acts like that too. Stops playing after 2-3 songs 


Oh great...


Some common solutions?

They probably underestimated popularity their new free service. Looks like servers cannot handle such high traffic. I am pretty sure that they, in the flash, buying new hardware.

Same problem here, Pioneer SC-LX79 with a build in Spotify Connect. Since last week, it stops whenever it feels like it and before that it lasted about 2 years without any problem. Connected the receiver directly (no switch etc) Checked and tested all the cables, re-installed firmware but the issue keeps appearing. I'm in The Netherlands by the way.

Same with samsung speakers

I'am in contact with Spotiy support, but still no solution, they are investigating.



Just chatted for an hor with a custom support guy. Spotify doesn't support my 2 years young (not old) receiver anymore. So this is why it sops working while playing. Because i  bought my receiver especially for Spotify and this model was included with Spotify. It's kind a strange to update the Spotify app. and leave every user with speakers, receiver or other devices who worked great before the update. The advice i've got from the support guy was to post it on this page.. and now we wait?

This is bull*hit. Do not talk with Spotify support. They are usless. Spotify Connect DO NOT work on ALL devices properly since week.


So this is what I found on the Internet was a newer version than installed on my Samsung S9.I'm runnin version (android) and for the pc It's been playing for an hour and a halve and it's still running. Even if I switch devices (pc to S9) it keeps playing without any far?


Any how maybe this will work for you aswell?



Unfortunately, back at the original issue, again it keeps stopping.                                           

Here it's also playing for +1 hour whitout problems.

I didn't change anything, let's hope spotify fixed it.


It's not fixed yet.. I'm running 3 differents Spotify Connect devices (Yamaha, etc) and no one can play more than 10mn without crashing. 


It's really a shame that Spotify can't fix this since weeks now.


Let's say i'll wait a few weeks, then i'll shutdown the service and tranfer my playlist to Apple Music.

It was fixed. 2 days ago I play hours without any problem. But it return.

Same thing for me, it's been the case for months.


Worked before. It appears to have a link with Spotify family / multiple accounts (looks like it came when I switched to the family plan, but not sure), with multiple devices (iOS and MacOS for me) and Samsung multiroom setup (two M5, two M7 and one Soundbar) - ...who knows.


Many others have the issue and are complaining on the forum. Nothing moves. Customer experience they say....


In the case Samsung would be faulty in implementing Spotify Connect API, please Spotify guys, just let us know !! (and if it's true, I'm convinced Samsung won't be able to fix it quickly as they are very weak in software engineering on every product they have, in particular the multiroom app is the perfect example of a bad app)


Spotify team are you able (willing) to solve it ? Now I'm looking to switch to Deezer....

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