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Spotify connect with MArantz m-cr611


Spotify connect with MArantz m-cr611


I ALWAYS had problems with spotify and Marantz, problems that i could synthesize in "sometimes it works, sometimes not".
I tried quite everything, but now there are some certainties:
1)on or off, the Marantz ampli ALWAYS appears in ethernet connected devices on my router (with the right, fixed ip)
2)on or off, the Marantz ampli is ALWAYS usable in the awful Marantz android app.
SO, the diagnosis is simple: there is a problem with spotify.


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resolved with last marantz firmware upgrade. No comment.

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4 Replies

Could it be that with a connection problem the device is erased from the connect?

I also had quite often issues with Spotify connect. I have also , less often, issues with the Marantz app which does not see the device. Only way to solve is to unplug the CR611 from power, and reconfigure network connection. Either wired or wireless , behavior is the same. 

I run latest firmware but actually Spotify connect got worse.

Ccnslusion: Spotify and in general network connectivity on the little Marantz sucks, it is really awful. I have given up trying to fix it. I now listen to Spotify through Bluetooth from the Android phone, or AirPlay from the iPad ((this strangely is more  stable)  I am thinking of selling it and get another brand, although there is nothing similar in the same price range.

I've had the same issue with my SR7010 for the last couple of years.



One think I have noted is that, whichever device was last in control of Spotify on the Marantz (my computer or my phone or my wife's phone), needs to be the one to relinquish the Marantz. It just simply refuses to listen to instruction requests from any other device until the one it was last using reconnects and says "I no longer need you".


I haven't had a firmware update from Marantz for a while, so it's possible there could be an issue with the client.


Marked as solution

resolved with last marantz firmware upgrade. No comment.

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