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Spotify connection issues with Kenwood DDX395

Spotify connection issues with Kenwood DDX395

We just installed the Kenwood ddx395 receiver and have paired it up with our phones via Bluetooth. It will very rarely connect to the Spotify input option on the receiver, it usually will just read "connecting" on the screen. It occasionally will connect to Spotify correctly, but if we get a phonecall, it goes back to the connecting process, which sometimes requires the Kenwood receiver to be rebooted because it will not connect to Spotify. Any remedies to help solve this??


Country-United States



Kenwood DDX395 with Motorola E5 Supra-spotify connection issues

Operating System

Android 8.0


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Hey @Jeepher


Does this happen with different speakers/receivers? What happens if you close the app in the background after a call and then restart it? 


We further suggest that you have all software and firmware up-to-date on your receiver and phones. There's also a possibility that this is on the manufacturers side, so make sure to talk to them as well. 


Let us know how it goes.


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