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Spotify connection with bluetooth devices

Spotify connection with bluetooth devices

Hi guys!
I really enjoy this app, it's just gorgeous!
I play my whole music with Bluetooth devices (Powerbeats Wireless 2 and Samsung Audio-Multiroom M7) and those doesn't work very well just with Spotify, it stops and disconnects every end of a song, it's really annoying because I have to wait for the pairing of any device. I've tried pairing them to Spotify Connect. Samsung M7 pairs but doesn't work very well and Spotify Connect doesn't recognise Powerbeats...

I hope you could help me because I wouldn't like to cancel my subscription.
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I've got the same problem with spotify bluetooth connection in my car. It stops and disconnects every end of a song. In my opinion it's a problem with the last update. Other apps like Deezer work.

Thank u so much! 😄
Anyway now I have to use my tablet and take it everywhere instead of my phone...
I love music so I'd do anything just to listen to it.
Hopefully, I suppose there's an update of Spotify so I'll look forward to it.

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