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Spotify cutoff on Bose Soundtouch

Spotify cutoff on Bose Soundtouch


I've been experiencing cutoff's mid way through music frequently over the past couple of days. The playlists would get about 2-3songs in before stopping abruptly with no way to resume if on shuffle mode.


I am connected via cable from an Asus RT-AC88U (QoS on/off yields same results) to a Bose Soundtouch 535 with a 1Gbps connection. Spotify sound quality on balanced in the bose app and Automatic on the Spotify app. 

Using both the Spotify app via spotify connect or the Bose Soundtouch App yields the same results.

Both Apps are updated to the latest available in the playstore.


Please advise what i can do.

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I have having the exact same problem.  Spotify will play 2 songs and cut out during the third song.  I have to restart the playlist.


I am pretty certain is an issue with Bose Soundtouch and playlists only:

1) Deezer and Pandora work fine with my Soundtouch devices

2) I can stream Spotify to my Nexus Playe (Chromecast) without an issue

3) I can stream Spotify Radio to Soundtouch without an issue



I am having the same problem.


I have rebooted all devices, logged out of all services and logged back in and its the same problem, 2-3 songs play, and it stops.

Sometimes there is a "Service Unavailable" message, but most of time it just goes back to the default choose a preset or whatever screen.


If I use the desktop bose soundtouch app it works fine, only from the android it stops.



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