Spotify data hog or did I do something wrong?

Spotify data hog or did I do something wrong?

I'm on Windows Phone 8 with an AT&T Lumia 920 and just activated a free trial of Spotify. I have a 2GB data plan. I played around with the settings this morning, and I activated offline mode, not sure exactly what it would do. I also turned on Stream with high quality, sync with high quality, and sync over 3G. I used it in my car ride to work and I would say the car ride was about 25 minutes, and I went through about 7-9 songs. I didn't listen to most of the songs all the way and skipped a couple times. Once I got to work, I got a text message saying I used 65% of my data. My cycle starts on the 3rd of every month and I'm usually connected to Wi-Fi so I don't always use a lot of data. I turned off the offline mode because I'm assuming that it probably used a lot of data. I then got consecutive text messages that I have used 90%, and now 100% of my data so I'm going to end up paying extra this month on my cell phone bill.


Did I do something bad by activating offline mode or skipping through a couple songs? I'm fine without using offline mode but I tend to be a song skipper so that habit won't change. I really like the app but won't be willing to buy extra data to use it along with the Spotify Premium fee.

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I don't think Spotify should be using 2GB of data in under 30 minutes, no matter what you're doing but you should definitely make the most of Offline Mode. It's amazing -- it's exactly what you want when you're trying to save data. Just to make sure to sync tracks for offline use over WiFi rather than 3G data.


Syncing in high/extreme quality will use substantially more space/data to sync. Once you have a playlist synced for offline use, go nuts with it. You won't need to worry about data at all and can skip through as many tracks as you want.


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I believe I synced the offline mode over data instead of Wi-Fi. I guess that's what used up all my data.



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