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Spotify doesnt appear on the Sonos "Add a Service" List...

Spotify doesnt appear on the Sonos "Add a Service" List...

I have spotify setup correctly, followed all the instructions about logging in using a Spotify account + uninstalled and reinstalled Sonos several times, but for some reason when I try to Add a Service in Sonos, Spotify is missing from the list. I only bought Spotify to play on my Sonos, so without this working its of no use to me.


thanks v much


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Hey 🙂 


Is there any way to update your sonos equipment? 



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Has this been resolved, as I have exactly the same issue. Spotify is nowhere to be seen. Isn't this an issue with Sonos' software?


More info: I have the most up to date everything. I'm in the UK. Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.

I have a same problem. No Spotify service in Sonos list, very sad....

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