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Spotify for Djay - some tracks not available?

Spotify for Djay - some tracks not available?


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Ipad, HTC U11 phone, Desktop PC, Yamaha RN-602



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There are a number of tracks which I am able to play in playlists in Spotify, on any/all of my devices, that will not play via Algoriddim's Djay app.  


The message I am getting, when trying to select the track from Spotify within the Djay app on my is "This Spotify track is not available in your country".  Which is incorrect as I can play the track on the same device through the spotify app. 

Here is an example of a track that will play in Spotify on my HTC U11 phone, but not if I try to access it in the Djay App.


Is this a bug, or is it intended that Spotify restricts certain tracks from being playable in Djay? 

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Is there a better section for me to post this in?  

How can I contact Spotify as this seems to be a bug?

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