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Spotify for Windows Surface RT

Spotify for Windows Surface RT

I love spotify and recently got a windows surface rt, there needs to be an app for it. Please!
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Another Surface RT user here. Would love to see an app also!


Anyone who have tried the Windows 8 app that Wimp has? Is it possible to import Spotify's playlists into Wimp?

Wird echt mal Zeit für eine Windows 8 App für die Rt Surface . Die gibt es ja jetzt auch nicht seid gestern. Leider ist der Webplayer für Touch eine Katastrophe. Die Icons sind viel zu klein und die Maus Over Menüs funktionieren mehr schlecht als recht. Ok ist ja noch eine Beta. Aber viel tut sich da bestimmt nicht mehr Viel. Wo bleibt die App. Die anderen Streaming Anbieter sind da leider flotter.

Hören tut man leider nix ob überhaupt was kommt. Das wer ja schon mal was.

I agree, we need a Windows 8 touch UI app.

Couldn't agree more, it's about time Windows tablets have an App. Afterall all the other platforms do have their own.

I bought a 6 month prepaid card so I could try the service for a longer period than the usual trial, but if I can't use my tablet to access it doesn't make any sense to keep subscription active.


I'd love to know if there are any plans to provide this anytime soon because I'm also looking at the XBox Music service as an option.



It might just be possible that major shareholders of Spotify are 2 companies which would be happy to see the demise of Microsoft : and they are Apple and Google. The lack of support for Microsoft software ( Windows 8.1 RT and Phone)  is rather worrying.

If Apple and Google where shareholders, I struggle to think why they would be running their own streaming services though.

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wye not a app for surface rt

there is a spotify app for ios, for android and even an app for windows 8

so wye not for the surface rt and then you could say 'use spotify webplayer' but if you use that on windows rt its gonna redict you to

so please spotify... MAKE A SPOTIFY APP FOR THE SURFACE RT, i gonna be creasy without spotify

and sorry for my bad english, i am 12 years old and i'm coming from the dutch

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