Spotify for Yamaha amplituners. Whitewash?


Spotify for Yamaha amplituners. Whitewash?

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I have a working client on HTC One version, but when will I be able to listen to spotify on my home Amplituner from Yamaha ? In all available press materials I can see the that it is compatibile with Spotify services and what an disappionment - I can't hear a single note from it!


I'm paying as all other users, including iOS devices owners for Premium services and I don't like to be treated differently!


There are threads in this forum for Yamaha but no news in there - there comes only more unhappy, disgruntled customers.


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You're not alone. I have an iPhone 5, a Yamaha RX-V475 and I haven't heard or seen anything even close to working.

Both my devices are connect to the same network, I have the latest software on all devices and yet it doesn't work.

I can, however, still use AirPlay.