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Spotify free not working on kindle fire hd

Spotify free not working on kindle fire hd

Ever since spotify updated on my kindle fire hd tablet two days ago, my kindle has only allowed me to press the shuffle play button, however when I looked at the free subcription faqs it says my tablet should be allowing me to press which ever song I want to like the computer version. I've tried logging out as well as deleting and redownloading the app but that hasn't seemed to work. (I also I went and logged into my account on my mom's Samsung tablet and it worked perfectly fine.)
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You need to buy Premium to be able to play songs without shuffling the playlist.
Have a great day!


EDIT: Sorry, I didn't know that it should be able to work.

Hello @sm_whovian,Welcome to the community! 🙂


We have created a ongoing issue post, if you could please comment on it with the details asked 🙂


You can find the post Here.


I hope this helped! 🙂

My Kindle HD Fire model X43Z60 system version 7.5.1 -

Used to work on demand till about a month ago.

Have followed all suggestions on threads, remove spotify+from cloud,

reload from Amazon no difference , remove spotify leave for a week then reload-

no difference, tried again today , everytime exactly the same cannot

play on demand. Could spotify confirm they will try to fix

or are kindle fire hd  no longer able to get on demand for free.

Could somebody let us know- Thanks

Hey @mktcrawley


All updates about this issue will be posted in the ongoing thread about this issue 🙂


You can find the ongoing issues post Here.


Have A Great Day! 🙂

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