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Spotify ignoring broken content?

Spotify ignoring broken content?

I reported a number of tracks almost a year ago through this process and received automated e-mails thanking me for the reports. I've not once received a follow-up reply of even "hey, we're working on it."


I know that Spotify has to work through the owner of the music to fix these sort of things, but I have a feeling for anything but a popular track, it's just getting ignored.


The tracks I reported:


3 tracks on The Chemical Brothers - Brotherhood, which were at their full length when I first listened to them, reduced to 30 second previews. (Case #: 02922190)






reported 2015-05-13


2 tracks on Hive - Bedlam, which have errors that suggest they were ripped from a damaged CD. (I have less hope for this one since it's back-catalog stuff that probably got quickly uploaded and forgotten) (Case #: 02748126, 02748129)






reported 2015-04-13


Does Spotify even care about these reports? Has anybody else had music that has sat around without a fix or any confirmation?

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