Spotify is getting worse.


Spotify is getting worse.

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Many of the albums i listen to are being unavailable to play because i live in the UK or they just aren't available to anyone anymore at all...
So i don't see why im paying £10 and having to YouTube the songs i want..
Sort it out please?

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Hey Shadzah, welcome to the Community.

We'd never take an album down if we could avoid it - we want to be able to offer all the music in the world.

Which albums in particular are you missing right now?
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I'm missing an album from Darren Styles - Feel The Pressure!!!


It's available in UK, but not in Finland !

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The new Thousand Foot Krutch album in particular was a favourite: The End Is Where We Begin.

Other artists i have to YouTube for and their current album isn't on Spotify are: Example, Oasis, Hollywood Undead and the single tunes that are in the top 40 in the charts, i'd say around 10 of them are unavailable and they're the awesome ones ^^
Don't want to name a whole list, but aslong as i know that Spotify knows there is some good music missing 😄