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Spotify karaoke

Spotify karaoke

You guys could Bluetooth link to a TV and display the lyrics on there. You already have the lyrics, all you need to do is make a display to go along with the audio. You could use the phone as a speaker. 

All summer parties will have Spotify playing. If you do this can you send me some company stock please?

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Hi @jesseclaud66353 


This is a fun idea and there are already several solutions! You can see all of your options by following this link. The options include mirroring your phone with your TV through Google Chromecast, Apple Airplay, or Now Smart Stick, or in many cases, you can download the Spotify App to your tv and play from there. You can also connect a laptop to a TV with an HDMI cable.


There is no true Karaoke feature on Spotify, but you can search things like "We Will Rock You Karaoke" and you will find several songs that you can queue. Simply start the song and click on the lyrics button (which is a microphone icon) at the bottom of the window and then you can sing along.


If you think Spotify could benefit from adding a full-blown Karaoke feature to their software, go ahead and create an idea here and have the community vote on it! With enough votes and interest, moderators can start bringing the discussion to developer teams and potentially make the idea a reality.


I hope this gives you some fun options in the future; and please reach back out if you need help with anything else! Thanks!





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