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Spotify keeps recommending Christian/Mexican songs, and tells me I listen to them the most

Spotify keeps recommending Christian/Mexican songs, and tells me I listen to them the most








My Question or Issue

 Simple. I don't listen to Christian/Mexican songs. Yet Its recommended to me 24/7 and worst yet, it keeps telling me its one of my most listened genres (?!). I never even clicked them, my account came with this configuration and it doesn't go away. Anything I can do?

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Hey @Mukagas.


Thanks for getting in touch!


  • Do you share your account with anyone else?
  • Do you sometimes leave Spotify playing in the background; not noticing what's currently playing?
  • Have you ever left your account available at a party/gathering, so people can add tracks to play?

These are three things that could influence your yearly statistics. Take a look at this page if you think someone has gained access to your account and is using it to listen to music.


Let us know if you have further questions. We'll be happy to help.


Have a nice day.



Thanks for the answer, but I have to say that no. Nobody ever touched my spotify account, and I don't leave it playing in the background, as I only listen to bands/singer that I know of. As I mentioned, my account was like this since the first time I used spotify. Like if it just assumed my tastes. It's not really a problem per se, but it would be very nice to have this issue solved, since I would then be able to actually have recommendations that suit my tastes better. Isn't there anything I can do about it? (I know you are a moderator, but maybe you know a way to help?)

Hey @Mukagas,


Thanks for the reply. Well, it's part of our job to help out so absolutely no problem 🙂


Can we ask you to make sure you follow your favorite artists and if you like a specific genre, to maybe go ahead and listen to some of your playlists in that genre? While doing this, make sure that you're not on a private session.

When you listen to your Discover Weekly or Mixtapes, you should make sure to try and use the corresponding buttons to like or ban songs as much as you can to improve those recommendations. After a month you should be able to see definite changes 🙂


Hope this helps! Let us know how you get on.

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