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Spotify keeps showing me the “Brand new music” notification

Spotify keeps showing me the “Brand new music” notification

The day before yesterday an artist (In this case, Charlie Puth) released a new album and spotify gave me the “Brand new music for you” Notification, which appears when an Artist you like uploads new songs, ep’s, albums, etc. So I was okay, then I closed the app, opened it, and it popped out again. Now everytime I open the app the notification pops out and the thing is. I already heard the album, liked it and everything. Spotify shoudn’t be giving the notification if I already saw the album? It’s been pissing me off me because it’s annoying to be hitting the “dismiss” button whenever I open the app. Any help? (Yeah, I’ve already tried uninstalling the app)

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Try unfollowing Charlie Puth?

It didn’t seem to have worked:( it keeps appearing

I'm having the exact same problem on both the Android and iPhone clients.  Tried reinstalling, deleting cached data, and turning on/off notifications from both the apps and web page, nothing will prevent the "Brand New Music For You!" message from appearing when the app starts.  Close the app, open it...and I see the recomendation to listen to the new Gorillaz album every time.  Started 6/28 or 6/29/18.

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