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Spotify lossless/hifi beta

Spotify lossless/hifi beta

Hi, my dad has a Linn Akurate DS and we would like to try the Spotify hifi beta. 


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Hello, I would like to try Spotify hifi beta as well please 🙂

Would love to try also. Been waiting for a year!

You guys could get much more customers from tidal and deezer if you turn on that f**** hifi... i'm also willing to pay extra for it!


We already got tidal but we would love to stay on Spotify (speciallly because Spotify connect). 

Is hifi ever going to be available  Tried the deezer cd quality and it was an improvement but would prefer to continue with spotify. Beta test  completed? 

Deezer is a lie. You can't even get HiFi on Android devices. Sonos speaker and desktop app only. 


Please send me a Spotify HiFi invite Spotify. Still chose you over Tidal 😉

Spotify will never have lossless audio the cost vs reward for them, not many people are willing to pay more money for something most could not tell the differences between 320 & 1,411..

Aha... and then why has tidal high member increase with Hi-fi subscriptions?

I'm not sure that's even relevant and if it is then why hasn't Spotify been selling lossless audio ? the market is too small to justify the very big expense for them to offer true lossless audio, someday maybe but not anytime soon..enjoy

Good news!


Spotify has announced that later this year lossless quality is coming and it will be called Spotify HiFi


Check out my blog post about it


Check out this news article for more information:

Five Things to Know About Spotify HiFi


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