Spotify not connecting with Bose wave sound system IV


Spotify not connecting with Bose wave sound system IV

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I have a premium account with Spotify and I never had this problem before with any of my Bose speakers.

It started 2 months ago, from time to time Spotify disconnected from the Bose wave system and keeps showing loading Spotify through my Wifi.

The wifi is not the problem because I am able to connect perfectly my other Bose speakers with no problem and it shows great signal strength on the Bose app.

Also,  I can connect Pandora with no problems it only happens with Spotify.

For while, after spending hours, resetting, forgetting the device, booting, remove and reconnect the Bose system would work back again....frustrating to say at least.

Now, since yesterday I was not able to make it work again. It keeps showing loading Spotify and shows on the Spotify app that the Bose wave system is connected but no sound comes out of it.

This is a ridiculous situation for such a expensive sound system.

I appreciate any help.









ipad 5th generation

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iOS 13.3

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Not able to connect Spotify 

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