Spotify not playing my entire playlist

Spotify not playing my entire playlist

Hey everyone, 


I first subscribed to Spotify a few months ago and overall I love it, however there is one thing that bugs the **bleep** out of me. I have a playlist with over 800 songs in it, however, whenever I shuffle all, it seems to only play the same 50 or so songs over and over and loops. I don't really understand. I just want it to shuffle my entire playlist without looping until all the songs are played. Is there a reason for this? Does anyone else have similar issues?

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Hey. That's just an illusion. Spotify plays random songs from a playlist when set to shuffle mode. All of the songs from playlist, not just some. It's not a bug, you're just getting an impression that those are the same songs.

I find that hard to believe, over the course of two hours yesterday it played a group of songs that it always seems to play, then all of the sudden it's like it started at the beginning again, it started playing songs that I had already heard that day. And I hadn't reset the playlist. I dunno, maybe it's in my head, it just seems weird.

I guess that's just in your head. Try not focus on that and it should go away. I have a playlist with around 2k songs and sometimes I get that impression too.

I noticed this too. The only solution ive seen is to make a new playlist with the same songs in a different order, but i totally agree my big playlists always play the same songs!

My spotify is doing the same thing on my phone.  I have it on shuffle and have over 1800 songs on my playlist.  I do not sign out of it daily so, techically, it should start each morning with the song after the one it played the day before.  However, I am hearing the same songs I heard yesterday.  I only played it for about 5 hours yesterday and, so far, about 6 today.  I should not be hearing the same songs.

I can say suffle isn't randomizing the list. I did an experement:
I have an extensive playlist ranging from artists starting with # to Z.
1. I set the main song playlist to list by artists.
2. Started playing a 3 Doors Down song.
3. Set Shuffle and Repeat
4. Clicked "Next Track" every second for about 5 minutes, so roughly 300 songs started.

While the songs were random, It never go past the A's. Between the # artists and A artists, there were not 300 songs. Plus no B-Z's ever loaded up. So tried to load a song by Metallica, so started with M's, and did the same. M-O's played, but no A-L's nor P-Z's. Just for one last test, I went to ZZtop, which I only had 2 songs from. Played T-Z's with both ZZTop songs (very last on the playlist) played 4 times. No A-S's. That pretty much is a pattern. It seems to me it might be playing the screen plus a few outside, but never the full playlist. You would think after 900 songs, statistically, you would almost have the whole aphabet and numbers covered at least once. But first test produced 3 (only have two numbers, 3 Doors Down and 98Deg.), next 3, and last 7 (1 Y, 1 X, but wasn't played, 4 U's, never played). So with the never played, 11 letters were played. Not even half. The Playing symbol popped up on the screen a lot through the tests, though, so songs were beng repeated. Now this is the web player, not the iOS player. I have had it randomize like it is supposed to on my iPhone. I checked it today to be sure. I'm running 11, so if it did it before, I don't remember it.

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