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❌ Spotify not scrobbling tracks from Garmin to ❌

❌ Spotify not scrobbling tracks from Garmin to ❌






Garmin Forerunner 245M

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Hi! Spotify is not scrobbling music from my Garmin Forerunner 245M watch when syncing with Spotify. It does not scrobble my listened tracks to

How is it possiblet to fix?

How is it possible to scrobble listened tracks by Spotify from Garmin watch to ?

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Just guessing here, as I neither have a Garmin watch nor a Spotify Premium account. Are your synched tracks visible in the Spotify History tab of their desktop app afterwards? That would mean they are also available via the Spotify Web API which uses to add missing scrobbles to your profile. I see in your screenshot that you had 60 tracks on your watch, so note that the Spotify Web API only shows your last 50 tracks, anything older than that can not be scrobbled anymore with this method.


There is a more complicated way to request your Spotify listening history in your Privacy account settings and import the JSON file with either Scrubbler or Scrobblify.

Just tried. Listened for several tracks on Garmin Watch, synced (updated tracks) at watch.

Play History in Spotify desktop app didn't updated ( ) 



OK, probably this online tool will not show your recent tracks from your watch either then:


By the way, I wonder why the support page you linked to calls this a Premium feature, as it is available for regular users of the desktop app.


So if the synching does not add your recent tracks from your watch to the Spotify listening history, your only chance would be to manually scrobble them with e.g. Universal Scrobbler, Open Scrobbler or Scrubbler.

For statistic better to use Some unknown site with no organization information. I would not trust to open access to my Spotify account for this site.



Right, that sounds indeed suspicious, as there were a few user reports lately about automatically scrobbling some unknown tracks that the user did not play himself. You should check your connected Spotify apps in this case and revoke access for all apps that you do not need anymore or do not know at all:

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