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Spotify not working on Amazon Echo

Spotify not working on Amazon Echo




United States


Amazon Echo

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Every time I try and open Spotify on my Echo, it just doesnt play anything. I try and open it via the Alexa app on my phone and I can see it trying, but then it just stops and the three dots appear at the bottom of the screen and nothing happens. I've tried disabling and reenabling and removing access and reconnecting it and nothing works.

Top Answer
Casual Listener

Had the same issue this morning. I first disabled the skill from Alexa and re-enabled it, and then unplugged my Alexa device and plugged it back in. It worked for me. 

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First make sure your device is registered on the Amazon Alexa app on your phone. 

When you open the app, go to play in the bottom right corner. Under “link new services” you should see the Spotify logo where you can log in. Once linked, you can ask Alexa to play songs on Spotify. 

Another way to go about is is that once you’ve synced everything, open up Spotify on your phone and play a song. Select the devices button in the bottom left hand corner and your echo should pop up; select it. That way you can change the song, loudness, etc. from you phone while the sound comes out of you speaker.  Hope this helps! 



No this doesn't work I have tried all of the above many times.

I'm having the same issue....with both amazon echo and google home mini.  I've deleted the cache, deleted the app, removed the link to both devices, restarted both devices, etc.  Nothing is working.  It says it's linked, but when I attempt to play music on either device, it loads for a few seconds and does nothing.  Someone please help!

Having the exact same issues as described above.

Yup, no echo device will show up on my device list, looks like it started happening after last app update?

I have the same issue. Spotify does not work on any of my Echo Dots.

Same. Was working fine yesterday morning. I usually open Spotify desktop (Mac) and use Connect to play Everywhere. Closed it for a string of meetings. Opened while cooking dinner and...nothing. Desktop app pretends like it's never used Connect before and wants me to use Spotify on my Echos (Dot & Show) for the first time to recognize them. If I try to give the command to either device, I get a verbal confirmation but nothing ever happens.

Same problem here. I've done all the steps to try and reconnect it but nothing works. Good time to switch over to Pandora I guess.

They are looking into the issue as per Twitter

I figured it out....


As I wrote above, deleting the spotify app and delinking from amazon and google devices did not fix it.  This did....

 - delete Spotify cache & data from phone.  Then delete Spotify app from phone.

 - remove Spotify link in amazon alexa app and/or google home app.  Then delete amazon and/or google phone apps.

 - download all apps again (Spotify and Amazon Alexa/Google Home) and relink Spotify.


It finally worked for me.  Good luck.


That's ridiculous. Why do we have to go through all that for a paid service. It worked fine yesterday.

Did all that **bleep**. Still doesn't work

Spotify Connect from the Desktop app appears to be working again. 👍

Tanita, the above no longer works.


There is no way of easily linking Spotify to Alexa.

I only use Spotify on my bluetooth speakers now, Alexa is now redundant to me.



Spotify has just stopped connecting to my Citroen car also.

I always thought Spotify were tech savvy, this should be simple to sort for a Co.with 130 million paying subscribers, but nothing seems to be happening.

I had this issue for the past couple of days, i tried disabling it and enabling it again. Nothing worked, I just unplugged my alexa and plugged her back in and its working fine again now


I’m having the same problem here, this solution doesn’t work for me at all. 
my device is an Echo Dot

Hi All,


Got an answer, I was having the same issue. What you need to do is:


Go into the Alexa app, go to "more" in bottom right and then skills and games. In Your Skills find Spotify and disable it. Close the app and ask Alexa to play something from Spotify. She should say that it is disabled.

Reopen skills and games in the "more" section of the app and search for Spotify. Re-enable Spotify and link your account. 

Unplug your Alexa for 10secs and plug back in.

Ask Alexa to play something from Spotify and it should work!


Best of luck

Had the same issue this morning. I first disabled the skill from Alexa and re-enabled it, and then unplugged my Alexa device and plugged it back in. It worked for me. 

I've had this issue forever. Like years. It worked GREAT when we first got our Echos then suddenly could NOT play music from phone/computer Spotify app to the Echos. They would say connected to spotify, the app would say connecting, but music never played. They say Connected to Spotify again. Still nothing.

Ironically - if you tell Alexa to play spotify music via voice command IT DOES. No problem at all. You just can't control Alexa from the app. The device will just say 'Connecting...' and it never plays.

I've removed apps, cleared caches, rebooted Echos, all of it. Never works.

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