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Spotify not working on Squeezebox

Spotify not working on Squeezebox



I have a Squeezebox radio & a Squeezebox touch. For the past few days, Spotify has been working on neither. Any idea when the service will be back up ? One of the reasons I went for Spotify premium is to listen to it on Squeezebox, this is very annoying.


Thank you.

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I have the exact same problem. Spotify not working on my Squeezebox, even though I have Spotify Premium.

I find it restarts every time I try to use it. The windows client is constantly buffering as well

Much like OP I have radio and touch and only use spotify. 

The recent instability is such a pain!  It would be very much appreciated if we could get some kind of response/guidance from Spotify. 


I've been running this setup for the past few months and have always found it to be less than perfect.  Is anyone aware of any kind of online guide for optimised setup?

I have the very same issues 😞


Spotify on my squeezebox Radio is seriously lagging, stopping at the end of songs, not beginning next song, giving time outs...

so frustrating!


I have premium and have not experienced this kind of lagging before those last 6 weeks or so


Has there been an update?


I just wish we could get some help with this, even lowering the quality of songs played hasn't helped. 😞



For me its the same. Since 1 or 2 weeks spotify is permanently stopping on my squeezebox.

Why we have Premium if we can't use it on the primary devices for which we have premium?


If this will not be fixed next time I change to another service. I can't imagine that this can be such a big problem that we must wait weeks for a solution. We pay for that and it must be realizable to bring out a bugfix within some hours.

Tracks from Spotify (Premium) play fine, but pause briefly every minute or so. Can someone PLEASE advise what I should do? Or is this a problem with the Spotify service?


Thank you in advance.



SB Touch

Benchmark DAC 1


The SqueezeBox Touch doesn't seem to like accounts loaded with many playlists (no idea what it considers "many"). The only workaround I've found is to remove Spotify, (re)install the latest update, reinstall Spotify and go through its setup again. There must be an easier way to reset the application (since it has dropbear ssh) but at least updating doesn't hurt (it just takes a couple of minutes).

same as the OP, i have a squeezebox touch and a squeezebox radio. the touch is especially unstable, and just seems to get worse. i assume this is a problem of the spotify squeezebox ap, as i don't have the same issues on Windows or my anroid phone.


and i have spotify premium, which is looking less and less appealling...

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