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Spotify on Amazon Echo in the Netherlands

Spotify on Amazon Echo in the Netherlands

Is it possible to use Spotify with Alexa devices? I live in the Netherlands and I have an Amazon Echo Dot, and reading on the official website it seems like it's now possible to use Spotify on Alexa devices: .

When trying to set it up, though, the Spotify radio button is greyed out and it's impossible to select it.

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You need to:

1) reset your echo dot by holding mic. and “-“ buttons for 20 secs

2) create a new Amazon account in the German website and make sure that the country is set to Germany

3) download Alexa app from German app store

4) set echo dot with the new account

Well, this is not really a solution to the issue - I know that using a different Amazon account with Germany/UK/US as a country works, but the question was related to Amazon accounts located in the Netherlands, since the Echo is now available for purchase in Benelux and the Dutch version of the Spotify website seems to say that is possible to link Spotify and Dutch Amazon accounts.

I agree, it's very confusing that the connection is already promoted in NL but not yet available.

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